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As a visitor in Rethymno, there are several ways to get to Argyroupoli, a charming village located about 16 kilometres southeast of Rethymno town. Here are the most common ways to reach Argyroupoli:

Car Rental: Renting a car is the most convenient and recommended way to get to Argyroupoli. You can easily find a car for your needs in Top Rent, and from there, it’s a straightforward drive along well-marked roads. The journey takes approximately 25-35 minutes, depending on traffic and road conditions. A car rental allows you to explore the village at your own pace and provides the flexibility to visit nearby attractions.

Taxi: Taxis are available in Rethymno town, and you can hire one to take you directly to Argyroupoli. While it may be a bit more expensive than other options, a taxi offers a comfortable and direct journey to the village.

Public Bus: Rethymno is connected to Argyroupoli by a regular bus service. You can check the bus schedules at the local bus station in Rethymno town and find the right bus heading to Argyroupoli. The bus journey typically takes around 30-40 minutes. Keep in mind that bus schedules may vary, so it’s essential to plan your return trip accordingly.

Guided Tours: Some tour companies in Rethymno offer guided tours to Argyroupoli and its surrounding attractions. If you prefer a hassle-free experience with informative commentary, consider joining a guided tour. These tours often include visits to the village’s historical sites and natural springs.

Argyroupoli is a captivating destination known for its lush vegetation, natural springs, and ancient ruins. Once you arrive, you can explore the village’s charming alleys, visit the Roman remains, and indulge in the local cuisine at the traditional taverns. Enjoy the serene ambiance and immerse yourself in the rich history of this beautiful Cretan village.